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Privacy Notice


As a valued customer or visitor of Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE, we collect personal information from you when you access and use our services through our websites, applications, and other channels. This Privacy Notice explains how Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE will use and safeguard your personal information in compliance with the applicable regulations, your rights and responsibilities, and the measures taken to ensure security and privacy, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized use, disclosure and destruction.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information includes any data pertaining to an individual. This includes information that directly identifies the person, as well as information that, either on its own or when combined with other data or location information, can reasonably be used to identify a specific individual. It includes cases where the individual identity may not be immediately apparent but can be reasonably inferred from the information or its combination with other data. The below are examples of Personal Information:

What Personal Information does Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE collect?

Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE collects relevant information from customers and visitors, including but not limited to, contact information such as address and e-mails, identification data, marital status, biometric data, signature on templates, date of birth, nationality, credit scores, creditworthiness, tax status, source of assets, location data of ATMs / branches visited and browser cookies indicating when and where you are visiting Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE website and mobile applications, transaction data, call center and customer support recoded conversation, footage of visited branches and locations, email data, marketing details, external parties. This data helps us provide and improve our services.

How does Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE obtain my consent?

At Al Khaliji France S.A., we make obtaining your consent easy and transparent. Whether you're a new customer during the onboarding process or an existing active customer, we consider every interaction point, be it in our branches or through digital channels, as an opportunity to secure your consent. Our commitment to complying with regulations, as outlined in our terms and conditions, underscores the importance of your consent in our operations.

How does Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE collect my Personal Information?

The Personal Information may be collected directly from you as a customer or visitor or from other sources such as: your representatives, our parent companies or subsidiaries, your employer, credit bureaus, guarantors, authorized criminal records checks, beneficiaries in your transactions, reference contacts provided by you.

How does Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE use my Personal Information?

Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE uses your Personal Information for various purposes, including but not limited to:

What Personal Information does Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE disclose?

We may share Personal Information with the following, but not limited to:

Is my Personal Information protected?

Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE is committed to collect your Personal Information in a safe and confidential environment. To protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access and use, we have implemented strict security measures that comply with applicable UAE data protection laws and regulations. The security measures include computer safeguards and secured files and office premises. We limit access to your information to authorized personnel only. Third-party analytical service providers receive anonymized data to ensure your privacy. Our systems are regularly updated to adopt new cybersecurity approaches as needed.

What are my rights for Personal Information?

You have rights regarding your Personal Information, including the right to:

Can I withdraw my consent to Al Khaliji France S.A. – UAE to collect and/or use my Personal Information?

Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE collects your Personal Information when you give your permission as a customer or visitor. This information serves different purposes, such as providing you with our services and to ensure our compliance with legal obligations. If you decide to withdraw your permission, please be aware that Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE may have to stop providing you with products or services. This could also lead to the closure of your account, and any outstanding credit obligations with the bank need to be settled before your withdrawal is finalized.

What are my responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your information is current and accurate. Notify us promptly of any changes. Moreover, individuals providing us with any data related to persons connected to customer accounts should inform them of the information provided and obtain their consent for Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE to use their data. Notify us of the individuals connected to your account the information Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE holds/uses and their rights.

How long do you retain my Personal Information?

Your Personal Information will be securely archived at the end of your business relationship with Al Khaliji France S.A. during the legal retention period. The data is protected in a confidential environment that is guarded against unauthorized access, accidental loss or destruction.

Need more information about my Personal Information?

For inquiries or more information about your personal information, please contact our Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE Data Controller at the following address:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Al Khaliji France S.A. - UAE may change the Privacy Policy from time to time or in response to legal requirements or government authority instructions. Any change to this privacy policy will be communicated to you through our digital platforms, emails or messages.

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